What they are and why


What they are

[GHOSTLORE], in association with Galaxy Gaming Gear, has developed a line of miniatures and tabletop building blocks to supplement role playing games and board games. Many of the pieces were designed to work with many different systems and for many different applications.

The [GHOSTLORE] line has grown to include miniature figures representing players and monsters, modular dungeon tiles, tabletop terrain, special effects, and more. The products were designed to supplement a gamer’s existing collection, or used to enter into the world of tabletop gaming.

The unique look of the minis have been described as “adorable” and “oh my gosh look at this!”. They use a simple design to convey the personality of the characters and monsters while being enough of a blank slate to allow for some customization.

How they are made

A few things set [GHOSTLORE] apart from existing products. With a few exceptions, the [GHOSTLORE] line of minis are all made from wood, HDF to be more specific. They are cut using high-end engraving lasers that ensures consistency between items. They are sold flat-packed and ready to assemble.

What this all means for you is the cost. These wooden minis and terrain pieces are a nice middle ground between cheap cardboard cutouts and expensive and cumbersome 3D models.

easy to build and colour

All of our products are sold ready to assemble. With a small amount of wood glue and a few minutes, your dungeon is ready for play. The [GHOSTLORE] line of products are focused on an intermediary skill level, meaning they are simple to build but still gives the feeling of accomplishment in building your collection with your own hands. Since everything is made of wood, it’s easy to paint. We’ve even used gel pens and markers to colour a few of ours with great success!

Great for kids

The price point coupled with the adorable designs make the [GHOSTLORE] line of minis family friendly and great for kids. Easy to build and paint, they make for a wonderful craft for nearly anyone. While the very nature of our stuff is "small things”, these are still not appropriate for very young children.

Our design philosophy

One thing that sets us apart from other miniature lines is our style. It’s cute without being silly and monsterous without being grimdark. Our goal with our minis was to make something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring to the table. We aim to make our designs inclusive and inviting. We’re proud of our creations, and we hope you like them too.

Available online and in stores

[GHOSTLORE] has partnered with Galaxy Gaming Gear in production and distribution of everything we create. All of out products are available in their online store.

We are even lucky enough to be picked up by various retailers in Canada and the US! If you are a retailer looking to carry our line of products in store, please get in contact with us.

In addition to being sold online and in select stores, we make an effort to engage with the community and attend as many of our local conventions as we can. Check with [GHOSTLORE] or Galaxy Gaming Gear on social media to find out where we’ll be next.

Custom Work

We do all these designs ourselves! As such, we offer custom designs. If you want custom miniatures for your adventuring party, if there’s a special monster you need made, or if you have a unique dungeon feature that needs to become realized, drop us a line! As a note, additional design costs may apply, and if it’s a really cool idea, we may incorporate it into our regular catalogue.